2012 Theories

The 2012 End of the world theories are all over the internet and media these days. However when you step back and look with a degree of perspective at the various theories both modern and ancient then it does indeed become clear that there is something happening on this earth at this moment in time that we possibly should be taking note of.

We can see for ourselves an increase in Volcanic activity, Earthquake activity, other natural disasters such as Tsunamis, volatile weather patterns, melting ice caps and so on. We can also see increased instability in our civilizations with international military conflict and disagreements, economic instability, religious and civil conflicts. Even on a local scale we see evidence of disharmonic societies and polarized behavior from sports stars, movie stars, pop stars, increased youth disturbances, shootings, stabbings, legal arguments and other strange happenings. Then we have  whales and dolphins beaching themselves en masse, birds and fish migrating in the wrong direction, it really does all seem to be happening at once now.

It’s interesting to note that virtually all of the theories seem to converge around the 2012 timeframe and it seems clear that the ancient’s were trying to tell us something. The Authorities and mainstream media seem reticent to really discuss any of it yet secretly appear to be making various arrangements such as increased emergency services procedures, secret bunker constructions and so on. So can we really ignore it all and pretend that it’s all business as usual?

Perhaps it’s not all going to happen on one day like the Hollywood movies like to portray sun-moon_cg_alignmentbut perhaps with talk of Precessions, Galactic alignments, Solar flares, Polar shifts, Sirius and Nexus energy waves all suggesting the possibility of serious worldwide geological disruptions increasing over time and having increased impact on the life support systems it’s wise we don’t just ignore it all as hogwash, especially as scientists do agree that all of the above events are real and possible and would have that effect.

Personally I believe there is much more to it but that is for other areas on this website and in the books…especially books 2 and 3. For now this article is merely to provide some background research to accompany the story.

Here are a few sites to get you a little more informed: