Ancient Civilizations & Structures

great_sphinx EgyptAs advances in technology and the accessibility of remote parts of the planet have become more sophisticated and made easier the amazing new discoveries and research that has been uncovered by independent researchers and explorers is re-writing the history books. At least it should re-write the history books but that is another story!

What we have traditionally been taught about places such as The Pyramids at Giza, The Sphinx, Gobekli Tepe, Baelback, Stonehenge, Machau Pichu and many many other amazing sites all over the world and indeed now under the oceans is being seriously challenged. The evidence is now strongly suggesting that the Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations that our history books refer to were not the first civilized and intelligent race to inhabit the earth. Nor were the architectural structures and writings created or invented by them either. For a race such as the Egyptians to suddenly emerge from virtually nowhere complete with incredible architectural and construction techniques and a whole range of intellectual and scientific abilities such as writing, mathematics and astronomy with absolutely no prior development seems slightly absurd. Yet that is precisely what we have been led to believe.

The same or at least remarkably similar attributes then appear in other civilizations around Gobekli Tepethe world like the Maya, the Aztecs and the Hindu’s, all appearing amazingly and seemingly co-incidently equipped with stories of star gods, advanced astronomical knowledge and pictorial recordings that seem to suggest a historical record quite different to that which has been handed to us in the history books and Educational establishments.

It is also believed in many circles that these ancient ancestors of ours were trying to tell us something about our current time with the legacy’s they left behind. Perhaps if much of it had not been destroyed or distorted by those who shall remain nameless then we may have an even better picture of our true origins and our true future.

It is a vast and fascinating subject and I strongly urge you to investigate for yourselves the ever increasing information that is now emerging much to the annoyance of mainstream Academia.

The following names are those who from hours of reading, watching You tube videos and Discovery and History channel programs I have come to believe are genuine and have very credible and well researched evidence and knowledge in this field. I recommend you read their books and websites and watch all the You Tube videos they have.

Graham Hancock

John Anthony West

Zecharia Sitchen

Robert Bauval  

Robert Schoch