Hermetic Philosophy

Hermetic symbolThe exact origins of Hermetic Philosophy are of some historical debate. They supposedly originated from Ancient Egypt but much of the work was either destroyed, or hidden and so many of these practices were carried on through word of mouth teaching only.

In the Gospel of Thomas and other ancient texts documents retrieved from The Nag Hammadi Library Jesus is quoted as saying “When you make the two the one, the inside like the outside,and the above like the below and when you make male and the female one and the same: then you will enter the Kingdom.” A clear reference to the Hermetic Axiom “as above so below as below so above.”

It is speculated that Jesus also comes form a lineage of Hermetic philospohers that includes..Hermes, Osiris, Zarathustra, Confucius, Buddha, Moses, Melchizedek, Enoch and Abraham. It is further speculated rather controversially by some that all are the continued incarnation of the same Sun Spirit and accounts for his persecution.

Hermetic philosophy and its practical application is very powerful and can even be termed “Occult” in some ways and is also the cause of much debate among Conspiracy theorists. Again it is best that you explore this subject for yourself and make up your own mind.


Although much was lost or is not readily available to the public as it is likely hidden in some private vault somewhere, the core premises of the Hermetic philosophy are presented in a work called the Kybalion. Followers of today’s popular metaphysical concept of “The law of Attraction” will recognize within this work the base principles of that concept and much much more.

A Free pdf of the Kybalion can be located at this link: http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/kybalion.pdf