Story Synopsis


The Astronomer 2012 – As above So below

Slightly ahead of current day 2012 and ostracized maverick scientist Solomon Blake finds himself in downtown Bangkok, disillusioned with a seemingly heartless world obsessed with material greed, war and the selfish mass manipulation of the impending New World Order agenda. Emotionally drained from a broken marriage and on the brink of financial ruin he is surrounded by the growing fear and confusion caused by increasingly violent natural disasters, strange phenomena and the global meltdown of our current civilization as it approaches the end of 2012 and uncertain future.

Numbed into inertia and hitting rock bottom Blake is mysteriously inspired by the profound words of a Buddhist monk and the meeting of a beautiful and intuitive Thai woman to embark on a journey of personal enlightenment that re-triggers his passion to follow a life purpose that could help realize the most important discovery in mankind’s evolution that could inspire a global awakening in the face of adversity.

Based on compelling research with some of today’s most controversial theories and interwoven with shocking real world events that have either happened, are happening or are predicted to happen this is part one of a Metaphysical  Adventure Trilogy about the ending of our current world age in 2012 and the birth of a new one that is calling for mankind to awaken it’s connection with the natural cycles and rhythms of their true origins in Nature and the Cosmos.

Is it fact or fiction?…..Prepare to be awakened!


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Authors Notes

DJ HopkinsThis is my current contribution to the global awakening movement and though the book is based around a fictional story and main character much of the research and even  other characters is based on real life research of current and past evenet’s as well as some actual personal experience. It incorporates subjects such as Meditation, Psychic abilities such as remote viewing and Astral Travel, Hermetic philosophy, Sacred Geometry, theories regarding the universe and precession of the equinoxes and how it affects our earth, Resonance technology, Cymatics, Conspiracy theories and Natural disaster phenomena. It is also has a slightly romantic angle as well because after all love is the most powerful force on earth.

What is the purpose of this book

I like to call it a Metaphysical Romantic Conspiracy story but in all seriousness I created a story to wrap some very serious issues around regarding the current status of the world and our civilization. It is designed to slowly awaken those people who have a nagging curiosity about the current world systems/politics/wars and origins of our species without shocking them into utter disbelief…which is what the NWO always prey on. For those already awakened it is confirmation that the message is filtering through all facets of society, the movement is growing and we are doing our bit.

DJ Hopkins