The Astronomer 2012 Introduction

You may have noticed we are now surrounded by our own insanity and you only need to look outside yourself to see the truth of what is going on within. We have lost our way and the solutions we are playing with right now only serve to create more of the same. We are fighting among ourselves each believing they are better and more deserving than the other. We all think we have the right at the expense of others and that somehow this life, this earth and everything in it owes us something. We only listen in order to reply and hence do not truly listen. We cannot hear the truth for the loudness of our own voice. We cannot see the way forward because we are blinded and distracted by our own reflection. We are drinking our own poison.

Maybe it is by Design? Maybe there are more clandestine forces at work that have led us here or maybe it is all within our control if only we can wake up and find the courage to take real steps forward. There is a power that has more energetic force than anything else on this planet and that power is Love. Yet it seems to be vastly underused and grossly misunderstood. We hang on to fake ideals that only serve to delude us. once again we must look externally to see the results of what is going on internally and finally realize that it all starts within and with one!

Right now in this moment in the history of mankind we are at a turning point. It is time to Wake up, Speak up and Speak out in truth and sincerity. To be authentic and genuine and not afraid of what you believe in. It is also time that we connect on a deeper level and raise our consciousness to rise above the crazy self created reality we are wallowing in.

Welcome to The Astronomer Series.

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