The Research

DJ Hopkins Author of The Astronomer seriesThe research presented here on this site and at the end of the books is designed to give a perspective overview or collage experience. With these types of subjects and the sensitive nature of them I have learned that it is each individual choice to look deeper with a higher level of consciousness. It is not really about intelligence although a fairly active brain will help in understanding some of the more complex information and knowledge. It is about widening your perspective, some call it ‘Awakening’ and having the strength and courage to put aside much of what you have come to believe as truth and reality. I am completely aware that this will sound like hogwash to some, and it will challenge many a belief system and ego as it did mine to begin with. That is not their fault, they are simply not yet ready to open and this also, is by design.

What you need to be aware of and this is verifiable is that throughout the relatively short history of our current civilization so much knowledge has been destroyed, hidden, suppressed or altered and still is. From Ancient Egypt, to the Nicean Council of Rome, The Vatican, The Inquisition in the middle ages, The Catholic Church and the Conquistadors in South America. From Nazi Germany, The FBI, The CIA, MI5, MI6, The Freemasons, The Crown Corporation the list just goes on and on. The point is the very questions you probably had when you were very young and have held in the back of your mind since then all have answers that have been withheld from you in some way.

However it is not until you become triggered yourself to look further than what is presented to you that you will begin to become aware of what lies behind the mainstream existence we have been distracted with. But it is a very personal journey and my work here is purely to act as that trigger! It is on that basis that I have written these books and provided some doorways into the knowledge and information that can change the way you see your life forever. Whether you choose to go there is up to you!

With Love, I wish you an inspired journey…

DJ Hopkins